20 balanced and gourmet breakfasts with avocado: because breakfast is sacred!

Want to chase your bad habits at breakfast? Forget fast-cracking cookies, croissants and other high-calorie chocolate breads: succumb to these 20 unique and delicious avocado slimming recipe ideas!

This is not a scoop: avocado is an excellent fruit for health, and by chance, it is also very easy to cook. Indeed, there is a multitude of original recipes, offbeat and yet easy to achieve, even when you do not have much time ahead.

Slimming toasts, gourmet omelettes, salads provided, 0 calorie muffins, ideas are diverse, varied and make you want to take good resolutions prestico!

Forget the bar and the big cravings at 10:30 in the office, these breakfasts will change your life!

1. We open the ball with these tasty toast with avocado and poached eggs: the result looks very appetizing.

2. A nice plate of scrambled feta eggs with avocado pieces.

3. And what about this bowl of oatmeal raspberry and avocado slices? Original and incredibly delicious!

4. For lovers of salty food, this avocado salad with red beans, peppers and grilled potatoes will be perfect.

5. Avocado Smoothie ... a great classic for energizing and enjoying without moderation!

6. And here is the healthy avocado-based pizza, which will be suitable for breakfast as well as for lunch ... A tortilla covered with crushed avocado and an egg in the middle and voila.

7. And here is a second salad more provided for those who have time in front of them: avocado, eggs, tomatoes, salad and vegetables we put the ingredients that we prefer and we enjoy!

8. Benedict eggs with avocado: an ultra-gourmet recipe!

9. The avocado with scrambled eggs: simple and so delicious!

10. Egg casserole with avocado, a very original and quick alternative to make at home.

11. How about a lemon avocado cake? Yes it's possible !

12. Let's continue with the desserts with these incredible Avocado and Currant muffins, 100% healthy!

13. And here is the avocado, mushroom and goat omelet for a moment of pure happiness at the table.

14. Toast with avocado, simple and very effective. easy breakfast recipes with eggs

15. Toast with avocado, capers and tomatoes.

16. The avocado garnished with chicken: too good!

17. For lovers of sweet and savory, this salad with mango, avocado and salmon will drive you crazy!

18. Quinoa croquettes with avocado ... yum.

19. Amazing, this choco-avocado mousse!

20. Finally, let's end with THE sandwich of the thin breakfast, with the avocado, the salad and the scrambled eggs: finished, the cravings!

What breakfast will you try?